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A Gizella napok logója Veszprém MAY 7-14, 2023
Featured event of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme.
A Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Európa Kulturális Fővárosa logója



Is the festival free of charge?
The majority of the festival programs are free of charge. Events that charge admission or require registration are marked.

What happens to outdoor programs in severe weather?
All outdoor performances are canceled or paused in the event of severe weather (such as torrential rain or strong winds). We will announce changes made to the festivals program on our channels.

What is the route of the historic parade?
The historic parade begins at the city center, near Szent Imre tér, travels through Kossuth Lajos utca – Brusznyai Árpád utca – Szabadság tér – Óváros tér – Vár utca and ends at Szentháromság tér in the Castle District.

Is there anything for families at the festival?
Of course, the GyereKert (Children's Garden) is a mini-festival held in the park of the Petőfi Theater that complements Gizella Days, with a wide variety of family entertainment options. You can use our program search to look specifically for family-friendly events.


Is the festival dog-friendly?
We welcome your four-legged companions at all outdoor festival locations; however, some indoor locations do not allow dogs. To find out if a location is dog-friendly, click on its name.

Is the festival accessible?
We make every effort to make the majority of the festival locations accessible. To see if a location is barrier-free, click on its name.


Where can I park?
We recommend the Bagolyvári multi-storey car park (located in Bagolyvári utca), the underground car park at Szeglethy utca, the Hangvilla underground garage (entrance from Kórház utca), or the ActiCity center multi-storey car park (located at the corner of Hóvirág utca and Egyetem utca).

How can I order a taxi in Veszprém?
+ 36 88 444 444 is the phone number for the city's taxi service.

Will there be any restrictions on traffic during the festival?
The route of the march (Brusznyai Árpád utca - Szabadság tér - Óváros tér - Vár utca) will be temporarily closed off during the historical parade on Saturday (roughly for a one hour intervall)